EVENT HORIZON w/ To The Grave, Caitlan Can Wait & In Dreams Like These @ Musicland, September 2013

Underslept and withdrawn, I had to push myself through 2 hours of chem and a stats lecture before dedicating several hours to reading all about neurons, parts of the brain, ears, eye and skeletal types.

All the political related posts were getting under my skin and the comments even more so. I’m so many people at this point would say “Oh play the violin Michael, harden the fuck up.” Well I’m sorry for being such a sensitive person and getting myself easily upset. It’s no secret that I do take negative things very personally. I literally wanted to cry this afternoon because I felt so attacked and hated on. I was actually questioning my friendships.

Once I got to Musicland however, things started to improve slightly. I actually said more than a few words to Brenton and his girlfriend before the bands started arriving. I spent some time hanging out with the Event Horizon boys not really saying that much but still feeling happier despite having scattered thoughts and dwelling on today. It was great catching up with Brent and his friend too.

IN DREAMS LIKE THESE are really synthy and experimental with plenty of breakdowns and heavy/melodic sections.

CAITLAN CAN WAIT were also relatively melodic as well with catchy guitar riffs.

TO THE GRAVE were really tight and much more metal than the other bands. Despite technical issues with the mic, they still managed to put on a decent show.

EVENT HORIZON were amazing as always. I love the new introduction featuring a audio clip from the movie Event Horizon and spoken by Sam Neill. Shane also filled in for Tavis on guitar and did a brilliant job!

It’s moments like these where music and going out to gigs can really pull you through some tough times and make you feel more positive again. I don’t hold grudges and it takes a lot for me to hate someone. Despite the fact that some people piss me off, upset me, have differences in opinion and go out of their way to prove their right, at the end of the day I have to forgive them and move on. It’s not healthy holding onto such negative feelings and I know that things will get better 🙂

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