​MAKE THEM SUFFER (AUSTRALIAN REGIONAL TOUR 2019) w/ Windwaker & Diamond Construct @ Pelly Bar, September 2019

Whenever I write one of these gig reviews, I often think to myself “Why am I still doing this?” For me, it’s become harder to find the answers to that question the older I get. The core answer still remains the same…because I love and appreciate music. I think in the past I got myself swept up in the recognition from others and it become more and more difficult to top my previous efforts. The difference now is that I no longer have any external pressures to worry about. I don’t have anyone to please. I write these on my own terms rather than based on the expectations of others.

Of course when it comes to going out these days, my brain seems to have an endless tape loop of excuses why I shouldn’t bother: It’s raining outside. I hate driving in the rain. I’ll probably be bored. What if nobody talks to me? What if I end up being ignored? But this is just my anxiety and self doubt trying to put me off. Sometimes I do need to nudge myself out the door.

I’ve had a pretty long history when it comes to the Pelly Bar in Frankston. I’ve seen many different bands over the years there including Belle HavenDriven To The VergeDream on DreamerClosure In MoscowHollow World and Off By Heart (RIP!). So it’s a very familiar venue to me. These days it can bring a few rough nuts out and the crowd can get quite rowdy at times but I’ve generally always felt comfortable here.

Such was the case tonight. I did have my doubts in coming out tonight initially, finding it really difficult to put myself out there socially and make small talk. Plus the venue did start to fill up as the night went on. I’ve always been the kind of person who needs their personal space so I was in “wallflower” mode at times, especially during the half-hour band change overs, but I got through it. And I did end up chatting to a few people which was nice and lifted my mood up a lot.

DIAMOND CONSTRUCT…I’ve been meaning to see this Melodic Metalcore band from Taree, New South Wales for a little while now. Being the opening band of any bill is always a challenge, to “get the party started” but the DC boys managed to deliver and impress with their set. After putting the feelers out with many monumental breakdowns, electronic synths and heartfelt vocals, the band eventually won the crowd over in the end.                                                         Set List: Paradox, Dreamcatcher, Hypno, Night Terrors, Submerged. https://music.apple.com/us/artist/diamond-construct/1107829736

WINDWAKER…It’s truly been exciting and inspiring watching the journey that this Melbourne-based Alternative Metalcore band have been on. They’ve had some noteworthy and well-deserved opportunities this year including being added as a support act for the Good Things festival in December. Tonight they put on another crowd-pleasing performance with plenty of engagement from the crowd and lots of fierce energy on stage. The highlight came towards the end of their set with everyone grabbing out lighters and illuminated phone screens.   Set List: New Infinity, The Sitch, Castaway, Grey World, My Empire. https://music.apple.com/au/album/empire-ep/1448666181

MAKE THEM SUFFER…I’ve actually seen this Melodic Deathcore band from Perth, Western Australia play at the Pelly Bar once before so I knew I’d be in for a treat. The band certainly didn’t hold back tonight, delivering an hour-long set of bone-crushing breakdowns, ethereal synths, sweeping melodies and intense screams. It didn’t take long for the crowd to respond with several circle pits and many throw downs on display. A very tight and entertaining set.                       Set List: Save Yourself, Let Me In, Ether, Fireworks, Hollowed Heart, Widower, 27, Blood Moon, Vortex.                                                                 https://music.apple.com/us/artist/make-them-suffer/421186855

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