Follow The Sun is the fourth studio album from the New Zealand based alternative pop trio after the dark, concept-heavy Truth of the World. It was once again produced by the lead vocalist and brother Jon Hume and was recorded at The Stables in Melbourne.

Unlike Truth, this album is instantly buzzing with light, uplifting messages of positivity, inspiration and hope. Musically, it is also a very different beast entirely drawing influences from bands and musicians like Mumford & Sons, Keane, The Finn Brothers, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat and even Van Halen.

There are some obvious throwbacks to their earlier material and yet you can tell that the brothers are continuing to experiment with their sound. There are elements of indie folk-pop (A World Without You, Pieces), 80’s styled synth lines (Run Away), ukulele rock (Hey My Love), huge power ballads (Shines On Everyone, Hero, We’ll Fly) and brassy marching band sections (Follow The Sun).

Lyrically, the themes are mostly about overcoming your inner demons, mental health problems, life’s struggles and finding self-belief. At times, it can be a little overwhelming after 11 tracks as the vocals and melodies literally soar skyward but it also has enough diversity to not become redundant and boring.

You could argue that Evermore were “playing it safe” with this record especially after all the risks they took on their previous album but I feel like the band was maturing and exploring their roots rather than merely recycling tracks from Real Life and Dreams. Album’s like these really shows how powerful the affect of music can have on a listener. 8/10

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