​DRIVEN TO THE VERGE + Moustache Ant + This Life I Live + Amaros + Special Guests @ Rockstar Bar, February 2018

I have to say that the Rockstar Bar in Frankston is one of the most chilled out venues when it comes to live bands. The atmosphere is great. Everyone is friendly. There’s plenty of seating around the bar and main stage area. They have music videos playing on the flat screens. It’s pretty much an introvert’s paradise. Well, it is for me anyway.

Yeah I still struggle a lot when it comes to making conversation and being social but tonight I felt comfortable and content being in my own space. I did spend some time hanging out with the guys from Driven To The Verge and This life I live in between bands. Social environments will always be difficult for me no matter what but at least this is a venue I love coming to and it’s not too far away from where I live.


“Enter scene, New York City 1998 NYPD, living the good life ‘til Valkyr showed its face. A mother cries as her baby dies. The Valkyrie strikes. Wife shot, daughter slaughtered. Death of the American dream.” – The Flesh of Fallen Angels

I’m 95% certain that I’ve seen this Progressive Deathmetal band play somewhere quite some time ago (The Bendigo Hotel? Rack ‘Em Up Pool? I’m not sure). The boys were very impressive with lots of epic guitar solos and growling metal screams. Most songs range between 5 and 10 minutes and it’s interesting to hear all the intricate layers of the multiple riffs and drum patterns building up.

Setlist: Order of Chaos, Eye For An Eye, Progalogue, The Madness.



“Why does it scare you? Why do you fear? Love decency and compassion, or the end will be near. Spreading hate, it gets us nowhere. And we’re alienating our sons and daughters with fear.” – Ronin

It’s been a few months since I last saw this Progressive Metalcore band play and as usual the boys were tight as fuck. Unfortunately, they were plagued by some annoying feedback issues and a faulty microphone that kept cutting out (SO RUDE!). But they managed to carry on regardless and even banged out a classic The Ghost Inside cover (Engine 45).

Setlist: The Petty One, Ronin, Plot 33.



“Building the towers of sin. Functioning power the gives you a grin. Why don’t you go destroying the icons where music would play. Respect the victims. Reject control.” – Grandiosity

The last time I saw this three-piece Groovy Heavy Metal band was probably at The Barn Live in Bayswater. The boys were on fire both with their addictive energy on stage and their entertaining wit in between songs. Bassist Michael Ballsington Ball ended up playing half the set sitting on the drum kit stage after his strap broke (or was it because he’s fucking lazy? Hmmm).

Setlist: Open Season, Titties, Grandiosity.



“So here I am, I’m back at it again. So much time I’ve wasted, sitting on my own hands. Nothing’s gonna stop me, from doing what I love. With determination, running through my veins. It’s now or never, this is my second chance.” – Persistence

It’s been over six months since this local Melodic Metalcore band played a gig so it was really exciting watching them perform again. They did a really good job considering they only had one rehearsal session in the past month prior to this show. They have such a tight, kinetic stage presence that’s really infectious. Once again the microphone was playing up but the boys soldiered on anyway. Vocalist Luke Barrows gave me a shoutout during “What You’ve Become” which was really nice and thoughtful. Keen to hear some new songs from the boys soon!

Setlist: Persistence, What You’ve Become, Skybound, Rule Breaker, I Am Deception, Absent Eyes.


ESCARION…Unfortunately Escarion pulled out of the show at the last minute due to band member illness. Check out their new EP “Pinacle of Neglect” via their bandcamp page here:  https://escarion.bandcamp.com/releases

DESERT KINGDOM…Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around for this Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock band from the Mornington Peninsula. Check out their self-titled EP via their bandcamp page here: https://desertkingdom.bandcamp.com/album/desert-kingdom

“Well the good time’s not what it used to be. Got noise restrictions and fun police. Plastic cups, gotta suck it up again. We say hell no, it’s time to take a stand.”                           Shannon Noll – No B&S (2018)

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