Learning new movements at the gym (Deadlifts, bench press, back and front squats, box jumps, push ups, deadball carry, yoke carry, farmer’s carry), smashing some intense AMRAPs and workouts and sticking it out with my former PT Luke Davey for over 7 months at Breakaway Fitness.

Participating in group bootcamp and strength training classes at The Yard Strength & Fitness

Adopting my beautiful black and white domestic shorthair cat Lotus from the Australian Animal Protection Society in Keysborough.

Participating in healthy cooking classes at Balla Balla Community Centre.

Attending my first yoga retreat with a group of ladies I’ve never met before, participating in life coaching sessions and camping out by myself for a whole weekend in Moggs Creek. Champion In Progress Mentoring and Coaching.

Continuing my yoga journey at Now, Yoga (RIP!), Just Be Yoga and Meditation and recently Body Yoga in Berwick.

Getting myself a formal diagnosis of mild high functioning autism with Dr. Yasmin at CNS: Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services.

Becoming a published local band review writer for Behind The Scene and doing my first band interview with Above the Fallen.

My work Christmas function at Cardinia Park Hotel in Beaconsfield. Getting out of my comfort zone socially.

Continuing to work on my personal development, self-care and strategies for dealing with my mental illness by doing online courses, attending seminars, reading self-help books, writing out positive affirmations, doing regular meditation, booking massages and running relaxing baths.

Paying off my credit card which has been a never-ending battle for me. But more importantly admitting to myself that I have an impulsive spending problem and finding ways to overcome it. Being in control of my debts.

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