​TURN SOUTH (SINGLE LAUNCH) w/ Spectral Fires, Clove & Blaire @ Sooki Lounge, November 2017

I’m not gonna lie…I had a few moments where I was really struggling mentally tonight at the Sooki Lounge. It came from multiple sources. Not feeling financially secure. Dealing with a high amount of stress at work. And trying to overcome the big black cloud (Depression, social anxiety, insecurities, self-doubts, introversion, not fitting in socially, lack of self confidence) inside my head. But the easiest way to deal with mental illness of any kind is to not let it win.

So even in those fleeting moments where I felt like people were ignoring me or I felt socially excluded or I wasn’t enjoying myself and got bored, I focused my attention of things that I can be grateful for. Like every single person in the venue who recognised me and made the effort to come up to me and say hi. Appreciating the music from great local bands and having well functioning senses. Being able to afford petrol and door entry. Being able to drive myself to Belgrave.

For the first time in months, I managed to stick around at a local gig until the end. Usually I would bail early before the headlining band and I’d have a reasonable excuse for doing so. But sometimes I just couldn’t handle the levels of depression and anxiety. But I was really determined to push through those difficult moments. It was worth the energy.

BLAIRE…Tonight was my first time checking out this young female singer-songwriter and I was really impressed by her performance. Her voice was really lovely, in the vein of Amiel and Gabrielle Aplin with a low tuned electric guitar as her companion. She played several original songs including Smoke Signals, Small Town Syndrome and Tremors. https://soundcloud.com/blairemusicm…

SPECTRAL FIRES…It’s been quite a long time since I last saw this Melodic Hardcore/Punk Rock band play. They delivered plenty of intense, awe-inspiring energy with vocalist Jack keeping that cheeky grin on his face and yelling with loads of heartfelt passion. The boys played several tracks from their Wayfarer EP including Left Behind, False Step and New Resolve plus a cover of the classic Nirvana track “Heart Shaped Box”. http://spectralfires.bigcartel.com/…

CLOVE…I had a lot of anticipation going in to see this Alternative/Pop Punk band and they truly smashed their set tonight. Quite a few people were playfully moshing and jumping around in front of the stage and getting involved with mic-grabs galore. Their songs are powerful, honest and very uplifting with many emotional sing-a-long moments. They played several tracks from their Grey EP including Tend, Waiting and Negatively Geared. https://cloveau.bandcamp.com/

TURN SOUTH…It was a really fitting decision to base their single launch show in Belgrave itself and it’s literally close to home for the band. This was a very special evening for this three piece Indie Rock/Punk band with lots of family members and friends in attendance. There was plenty of fierce, animated and positive energy on stage from the boys with lots of people in the crowd getting involved during their set. They played several older and more recent songs including Choice, Vague, Sad Sun, Holes and of course their latest single Belgrave Line with Clove vocalist Mark doing some guest vocals. https://www.triplejunearthed.com/ar…

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