CRASH POP PUNK PARTY @ The Rockstar Bar, August 2017

Tonight was my second time attending a gig at the Rockstar Bar in Frankston. This evening, the venue ran a special one-off event called the “Crash Pop Punk Party” featuring a handful of local pop-punk bands. CRASH is intended to become a regular event in the vein of BANG!, YOUR LOCAL and RIOT! to hopefully bring more people down to the peninsula area. I sincerely hope that it does take off as I found tonight to be a big success.

I had a really enjoyable night hanging out with a few of the band members as well as being in my own company. I’m still finding making conversation with new people to be a challenge. It may seem like I’m brushing them off or coming off as disinterested but the reality is that I struggle to know what to say sometimes. It’s just such a habitual thing to avoid eye contact and give short, sharp answers to questions. It takes time to build trust.

However, it was humbling having people introducing themselves to me and giving me compliments about my band promotion and weight loss. When it comes to improving my social skills and breaking out of my comfort zone, I will never ever stop trying. Finding a sense of belonging with others is a lifelong journey and I feel blessed to be a part of the local music community.

ONCE WERE LOST…So I’ve seen this five piece, Melbourne-based pop-punk band a couple of times before. They have a highly energetic stage presence and plenty of catchy songs to bounce around to. Bassist Liam was really rocking out with the crowd near the front of the stage and was very entertaining to watch. The band played several tracks from their EP “Smiling Politely” including Radio Killer and Faded plus a cover of Hanson’s classic hit Mmm Bop.…

DISTRACTED BY PINK…Tonight was my first time checking out this Alternative/Pop-Punk band and they all put on a very solid performance. I recently heard them on 3MDR’s program  Not Quite Midnight where they played a bunch of acoustic songs and did an interview. Vocalist Andrew’s vocal style reminded me a lot of UK indie pop bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys whilst blending in traditional pop-punk melodies. The band played several songs including their latest single Hypocrite, Cheated and a cover of Green Day’s Basket Case.…

AVENUES END…This three piece Alternative Melodic Rock band offered something different compared to the other bands on the lineup. The two main frontmen, Ryan and Matt, rocked black and white dinner suit attire and alternated between lead vocals which worked really well. Musically, the band is really engaging and passionate with layered atmospheric tones and punchy guitar riffs. They played several new songs including The Tide, Ripping Out The Stones and In Bloom.…

RESIDE…This was the band I was most looking forward to seeing play tonight. A four piece Alternative/Rock/Emo band from Melbourne, the boys had a wild, spasmodic and dynamic stage presence throughout their set. The vocal duties were shared evenly between Liam and Sal with Ariel chiming in on backing vocals occasionally. They truly put on an incredible performance and the crowd really got involved with hand claps and some sing-a-long wails. The band played several tracks including their singles We’re Not Monsters (Yet) and Late Night Driving plus a cover of Basement’s Whole.

BIRDHOUSE…Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to stick around for this Indie Rock/Pop-Punk band but make sure you check out their EP “I’ve Got Something To Tell You”.…

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