DRIVEN TO THE VERGE w/ The Patient, Behold The Sea & Hammer Time @ Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, June 2017

On Saturday afternoon, I spent time in the city with my good friends Jye Batham and Matt Jones from the Indie-Punk band Turn South. We met up in the middle of Federation Square where some activities were being held to celebrate Refugee Week. I was standing in front of a giant white inflatable skull/horn type thing. I honestly didn’t really know what it was supposed to be but maybe that was the point, to keep Melbournians guessing.

After having coffee together at Beer DeLuxe Federation Square, we had a look through the book market featuring books on philosophy, spirituality, religion, art, psychology and the like. I didn’t really had any interest in buying anything there. I was pretty much playing follow the leader which is the easier option for me when it comes to hanging out with friends. It felt good just being in their company and making the effort to resuscitate my social life.

Next we visited the Ian Potter Centre and had a look around at the various galleries inside including 19th and 20th Century Australian and Aboriginal art. I actually recognised quite a few different artworks from the likes of Frederick McCubbin, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Streeton, John Brack, Tom Roberts, Fred Williams and Charles Condor. The galleries also covered a broad range of styles from cubism and impressionist to modern art, abstract art, sculpture, portraits and landscape painting.…

I was particularly fascinated with the landscapes depicting the suburbs of Melbourne in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. These areas were covered in dense bushland and didn’t have an urban building in sight. Many things have changed in the past 100+ years that’s for sure.

I returned home briefly to have dinner before heading back out to the city again. I knew that I was burning the candle at both ends but it was better than spending another 3 hours in the city doing fuck all. I guess that’s the downside of living in the South Eastern suburbs, the travelling. Walking up Elizabeth Street from Melbourne Central, I made it to the venue The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar located near the Queen Victoria Market.

I spent most of the night hanging out with the Driven To The Verge boys plus Ursula Kay as well as admiring the beautiful floral wallpaper, mosaic tiles and large posters on the walls of the band room. Coming out to this gig tonight actually restored my faith in the local music scene. I’m recognising the importance of my role in supporting and promoting bands. I honestly feels good being a part of this community and giving back to others. This is my purpose in life.

HAMMER TIME…Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch this New-Zealand/Melbourne-based Hardcore/Punk band play due to my train getting delayed. Make sure you check out their album “Black Sheep” here……

BEHOLD THE SEA…This was Adelaide-based Metalcore band’s first interstate show in Melbourne and I was really impressed by their talent. Packed with tough breakdowns, epic guitar solos and raw emotional screams, the band truly put on a solid performance tonight. Vocalist Jack is very humble and yet had plenty of Aussie humour in between songs. Their setlist included Disengage, Ghosts and Symmetry from their EP “Amaranthine”.…

THE PATIENT…Tonight was my first time checking out this Melbourne-based Punk-Rock/Hardcore band and they were on fire tonight. Vocalist Tom had a lot of fierce, fast-paced energy in his performance and even did a few punk jumps on stage. He also made a lovely shout-out to myself for promoting this gig during the week. Their setlist included Search For Gold, Detox and Time is our Possession from their album “Unite as One”.…

DRIVEN TO THE VERGE…So it’s been over six months since I last saw this Melbourne-based Melodic Hardcore band play and tonight was my first time seeing them since their album dropped. Despite the small and intimate crowd, they still managed to get plenty of involvement happening with a few people starting a mini-circle pit and banging their head. The band sounds tighter than ever with huge breakdowns, melodic guitar riffs and passionate vocals from Luke. Their setlist included What You’ve Become, Hereafter, I Am Deception and Skybound from their debut album “Transitions”.…

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