OCEAN SLEEPER (EP LAUNCH) w/ Death in Bloom, The Gloom in the Corner & Mirrors @ The Workers Club, June 2017

Sold out shows at The Workers Club are usually a massive turnoff for me as I really don’t like packed crowds in small spaces. It makes me feel really uncomfortable after a while. But tonight I made an exception. Even though I only stuck it out for two hours, it was still worth it. The streets of Fitzroy were wet with light drizzle as I made my way down Gertrude Street towards the venue. I decided to get myself a chicken parma with a pot of pale ale before the gig started.

The Front Bar was already buzzing with loud conversations. Trust me to pick the table closest to the bar with people walking past in close proximity. However, I decided not to let it bother me. Instead, I thought I’d practice my mindfulness skills and think about the things that I’m grateful for. I had some brief conversations with a few of the band members but I actually felt good about myself knowing that I made the effort to speak to them. Whether I talk much or not is totally irrelevant and I’m trying to be okay enjoying my own company.

MIRRORS…Tonight was my first time seeing this Gippsland-based Melodic Metalcore outfit. The band certainly brought some raw aggressive and emotion to the table with lots of tight breakdowns and melodic sections. Vocalist Patty is extremely humble and warmed really well to the crowd. They managed to get a bit of movement happening in the pit which was great to see. Ionei Heckenberg dropped some guest clean vocals on a couple of tracks and bassist Jake even did some windmills with his dreadlocks. The band played several songs from their EP “Fools Paradise” including Tie The Lace, Through The Cracks and Faded Away. https://itunes.apple.com/album/id11…

THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER…It’s been quite a while since I last saw this Melbourne-based Nu-metal/Metalcore band play. The Gloomy Boys spent most of the set showcasing tracks from their newly released EP “Homecoming” which is a continuation of the story from Fear Me, this time focusing on Jay’s brother Ethan Hardy. The boys pulled out all the stops tonight, delivering a mixture of heavy metalcore breakdowns, nu-metal groove sections and quirky electronics. Vocalist Mikey manages to make his various vocal styles flow throughout the set from harsh screams to rap and dramatic cleans. https://thegloominthecornvr.bandcamp.com/…

DEATH IN BLOOM…Unfortunately, I didn’t end up sticking around for this Melbourne-based Metalcore band. Check out their latest album “A Means to Disappear” here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/a…

OCEAN SLEEPER…Sadly, I wasn’t able to stay for Ocean Sleeper’s official EP Launch tonight. However, I wanted to talk about how much of an impact this EP has had on my life. Songs like “Breaking Free” and “Hold on Stay With Me” really hit home on a mental and emotional level. Listening to those lyrics instantly fills me up with hope that I have the strength to overcome these inner demons and that I’m not alone. It makes me feel better about myself. That’s the power of music in a nutshell. Make sure you check out the EP “Six Feet Down” if you haven’t already here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/s…

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