RENEGADE ARMADA (FAREWELL SHOW) w/ Danger! Earthquake! & The Vestige @ Wrangler Studios, May 2017

For one night only, I decided to indulge in a 6 pack of Carlton Draught beers considering this will be one of the few times that Wrangler Studios allows alcohol in their venue. I actually don’t drink very often and yet tonight I took full advantage of it. I wanted to numb every single negative thought and feeling I had. I wanted to enjoy my life for once and actually break out of my comfort zone. I’m so tired of being socially awkward at gigs. Nothing was holding me back tonight. I put myself out there with no regrets.

My positive qualities of being a loving, friendly and caring person were intensified. I’m not blowing my trumpet when I say this but I am a genuinely nice guy and it was great to see so many people that I haven’t seen in a long time. Everyone was just so lovely to me. The venue was decorated with black balloons and streamers to signify the funeral aka death of Renegade Armada. Despite it taking nearly 2 hours to get there, it was very much worth the time and energy coming tonight.

THE VESTIGE…Tonight was my first time checking out this alternative rock band from Melbourne. Despite some early technical difficulties, the boys still managed to put on a spectacular performance with heartfelt vocals and groove-laden guitar riffs. They played several tracks from their debut EP Chronoscale including the single “Same Bones”.…

DANGER! EARTHQUAKE!…The last time I saw this melodic post-hardcore band was for Vonnie Sofia’s last show at the Workers Club. Tonight, the band assembled a mixture of old and new members including Allan Bogut (Lead vocals), Bec Embers (Backing vocals and keyboard) and Ryan Matheson (Guitar and backing vocals). There was a sense of culmination with people in the audience singing along and engaging well with the band. They played several tracks including Falling & Fading, Darkened Sky, The Vision Within and In Hope.…

RENEGADE ARMADA…It was quite surreal knowing that this would be Renegade Armada’s final ever show. The announcement was sudden and unexpected, though they are very much ending on a high note. The band put a lot of effort and thought into this final set, delivering a mixture of older songs, acoustic tracks, a new single and even a My Chemical Romance cover. Their set list included Look At All The Fucks I Give, Mr. Robot and Ghosts in Glass Houses.…

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