THE AVENUE PROJECT w/ Supa Suplex, Wolves Among The Hallow & Terrarium @ Rockstar Bar, May 2017

As you may or may not have gathered, my attendance at local gigs has become less frequent than usual. This is due to a number of factors including financial difficulties, dealing with my mental illness, lack of motivation and focusing my attention on other aspects of my life. But even though I don’t attend as many gigs as I used to, I’m still very passionate and dedicated about supporting local bands. I just choose to do it in other ways such as sharing flyers and events, buying merch and writing reviews.

It was my first time attending the Rockstar Bar in Frankston. I really didn’t know what to expect about this venue. It’s been a tough week for me mentally and so to put myself out there socially takes a lot of energy and effort. Being around people is absolutely vital especially when you’re suffering from depression, loneliness and social anxiety. It was actually flattering having band members come up to me and giving me compliments. It makes me feel much more positive about myself when other people care about what you do.

TERRARIUM…The last time I saw this Progressive Metalcore outfit was a couple of months ago at Your Local. The boys put on a really tight performance with plenty of heavy breakdowns, groovy basslines and roaring screams. They played several tracks from their Rebirth EP including Detox, Sentient, Duplicity plus a cover of the class Nickelback song “How You Remind Me”.…

WOLVES AMONG THE HALLOW…It’s been probably a year or so since I last checked out this Heavy Metalcore band. I really dug their engaging guitar riffs, melodic solos, sudden shifts in tempo and growling vocal deliveries. They performed three tracks including Adverse, Virus and the epic 20 minute long track The Stranded.…

SUPA SUPLEX…I remember seeing this local Punk-Pop/Thrash Metal band at The Barn Live for their EP launch last year. These boys never fail to entertain, cracking plenty of jokes and creating lots of on-stage banter. They have a fierce, care-free energy as they tap into important cultural, social and political issues about Australian life. They played a few songs from their EP including It’s Not Cool to Beat Your Wife, Rant Song and a cover of The Veronica’s 4ever.

THE AVENUE PROJECT…After playing a gig at Eddies Bandroom EBR Moorabbin earlier this evening, this local Melodic Hardcore/Post-Punk band rolled in to headline tonight’s show at the Rockstar Bar. It’s my second time seeing them play and once again they were really impressive. Their stage presence is highly energetic with bassist Tim Lucas rocking out in the middle of the crowd. There was plenty of playful moshing, headbanging and even an Irish jig during their set.…

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