MOUSTACHE ANT w/ This Life I Live & Turn South @ Sooki Lounge, March 2017

After finishing my Meditation class at Just Be Yoga and Meditation in Beaconsfield, I drove down to Belgrave and got myself a snack pack at the local Fish n’ Chip shop (Yes I know it’s unhealthy but I was starving and I’ve been eating well all day). Tonight’s gig at the Sooki Lounge (formerly known as Ruby’s Lounge) was a very chilled out affair with a moderately sized crowd. The venue was decorated with multi-coloured Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, ornate-styled furniture, crystal light fittings and floral wallpaper.

I bumped into quite a few of my band related friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I was trying hard to accept that it’s okay to be socially awkward and not have much to say. Everyone was showering me in complements and I felt really humbled by that. I’m such an incredibly modest person and I never know how to respond to positive feedback about myself besides saying thank you. Either way, it did feel good to be acknowledged and appreciated.

TURN SOUTH…It’s been probably over a year since I last saw this Indie Punk-Rock band play, the last time being at the 303 Bar in Northcote. The most recent addition has been their drummer Aidan Lukas Ginn who joined the band last year. The boys incorporate a mixture of different styles into their sound including psychedelia, punk-rock, emo and grunge, complete with a raw fiery energy on stage. Check out their latest two-track EP “Sad Sun/Holes” here:

THIS LIFE I LIVE…It’s been a few months since I last checked out this Progressive Death Metal band play, the last time being at the Reverence Hotel in Footscray. Despite a few feedback issues, the boys still played a really solid set with lots of loud, passionate energy. Bassist Michael Tuffcore Dean was being a cheeky devil, walking into the crowd with his bass and riffing away with friends in the crowd. They played several tracks including Ronin and Plot 33.…

MOUSTACHE ANT…The last time I saw this three-piece Progressive Metal band was at The Barn Live in Bayswater. They always manage to put on an entertaining set with lots of banter between the members and the crowd in between songs. Vocalist Daniel Jeary has a very versatile delivery from manic screams to wailed, sing-a-long cleans. Some of the tracks seemed to stretch on for an eternity which provoked many ill-timed applauds. The band played several tracks including Tribal, Cognitive Distortions and What We Become.

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