BEHIND CRIMSON EYES w/ Atlantic, The Beautiful Monument & Traveller @ PLASTIC! September 2016

So it’s been over three months since I last went to a DAL show for numerous reasons but tonight I made an exception because the lineup was really solid. Mentally I wasn’t in a very good place today after having a disagreement with my personal trainer. In some ways, I’m thankful that it happened because it was something of a wake up call for me. The decision of whether to continue on training with him or leaving for somebody else was a really tough one and was weighing heavily on my mind. But I know that deep down inside, I need to move on.

Socially, I just really wasn’t in the mood to chat to anyone though I’m glad that I said hey to a few of my friends. Despite my fragile mental state, I’m really glad that I came to support these local bands tonight.

TRAVELLER…Tonight was my second time seeing this local melodic hardcore band play and the boys have really stepped up their game. Their stage presence was really tight with vocalist Daniel giving a raw and passionate vocal delivery. The boys played several songs including For Twenty Days and Library & Liberty.…

THE BEAUTIFUL MONUMENT…Like Traveller, this was also my second time checking out this local heavy pop-punk band. The girls were all fired up with lots of punk jumps and energetic guitar riffs. Vocalist Liz did an awesome job commanding the stage and at one point, got into the crowd and used some gentle persuasion to get them to move closer to the stage. They played a few tracks including Anarchy in Black, Ashes, Hostage and War.…

ATLANTIC…It’s been a while since this local melodic hardcore band graced the stage but they’re back for a brief appearance before they head back into the studio to write and record their debut album. The boys did an amazing job tonight. The crowd engagement was phenomenal with vocalist Adam pacing down in the pit and a few people grabbing the mic and throwing down in the pit.

They introduced their new drummer, Chris Klodinsky, who nailed his first live performance with the band. Also, guitarist Joel did a hilarious somersault off the stage. They played several tracks including Cold Thrones, Surrender Dorothy, Temper, Usurper and World War Me.

BEHIND CRIMSON EYES…Unfortunately, I didn’t stick around for this Melbourne based post-hardcore/emo band but you can check out their latest tunes via this link:…

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