MIKEY’S PERSONAL BLOG 20, September 2016

On Monday morning, I went along to my very first line dancing class with mum at Timbarra Community Centre in Berwick. Welcome to uncoordinated city! Thankfully quite a few of the ladies and blokes were in the same boat as me with two left feet. The class was run by two guys hooked up with hands-free mics. They talked us through each of the steps and movements for the dances before putting the music on. It was honestly really tricky keeping up with the music and remembering all the steps but I gave it a red hot go.

There was a couple of familiar songs including Samantha Jade’s What You’ve Done To Me and The Carpenter’s Mr. Postman plus a few country/boot scooting type songs. After 45 minutes of line dancing, I was already working up a sweat. We had a short tea break in between and did another half hour or so of line dancing. I think I did okay for my first time especially considering I didn’t trip over or collide into anyone else (that’s always a bonus!). I’m actually proud of myself for giving something new a try.

On Tuesday morning, I attended a job interview for Savers in Fountain Gate. It was held in a casual setting on swivel chairs with myself and the store manager Liz. I did okay at answering the questions and doing my best to come up with half decent responses to sell myself. Unfortunately, the position that she had available (Book sorting and pricing) held no interest for me whatsoever and my intuition was telling me not to take it if I become successful. The fact that I have to achieve daily performance targets also really put me off and would add more unnecessary stress.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had my 7th session with my psychologist Dr. Warrick. It’s been a few week since my last appointment and I had a lot of things to talk about, mainly around my decision to take a break from Tri Force Training. After how embarrassed and emotional I was after my last group session, I felt like I wasn’t ready to go back straight away. There were a number of personal issues I had to take care of and I also had to evaluate whether this is the right place for me.

Warrick was sympathetic and understanding to what I had to say regarding my thoughts and feelings during my training sessions. The ball is obviously still in my court and I think I will give it another go when I’m ready to go back. He also pointed out the fact that I wasn’t displaying many nervous habits like I usually do (e.g. fidgeting in my seat, flicking my hair back with my hands) and that can only be seen as a good thing. I’m now a lot more relaxed discussion my problems with him.

On Tuesday night, I went to my Yin Restorative styled yoga class at Just Be Yoga and Meditation in Beaconsfield. It was my first time meeting the yoga instructor named Natasha. It was a very small class tonight with only the four of us but I still felt the benefits and I could spread out my props more which is always a good thing. Natasha talked about letting go of our days, worries, fears and anxieties and bringing the attention to our breathing.

The poses that we did tonight included:

  • Shoulder and Arm Stretches…With my knees bent at a 90 degree angle and the feet pressed flat into the wall, we had to extend our arms to the side and begin windmilling them over and across our bodies in a slow elegant motion. This movement releases a lot of tension in the shoulder socket, back of the neck and the arms. We also did a shoulder extension by gently sliding one palm over the other repeatedly.
  • Flowing Sequences…Beginning with your shins on the yoga mat and hands extended up towards the ceiling, we gently extended the palms out in front and landed into child’s pose. We then lifted up into a tabletop position and began doing cat-cow pose. Next we lowered down into a chaturanga and pressed back into downward facing dog before returning to child’s pose.
  • Spinal Twists…Laying on your yoga mat with your legs out straight in front of you, place one foot over the opposite leg next to your knee. Wrap your arm around the bent knee and then bend your forearm so that the elbow hooks around the opposite side of the knee. Next extend the opposite arm towards the ceiling and slowly twist your body around, gazing at your shoulder.

“Are you there? Are you even listening? I thought you cared. Show your face, be brave for once…I’m losing all the time. My hands don’t feel like mine. Wishing everyday, wishing I could hear myself say. You’re not alone. You’re not alone.”                                         Inventions – Oh, Anxiety (2016)

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