FOXBLOOD (ALBUM LAUNCH) w/ Pridelands, Death in Bloom & Advocates @ John Curtin Hotel, September 2016

Nothing was going to stop me from being at Foxblood’s first show, not even replacement buses between Westall and Caulfield both ways or the fact that I got out of work late. Admittedly, I did have some trepidation about going tonight but it was more my anxiety and overthinking trying to hold me back. These thoughts (Am I going to be bored? Is anyone going to talk to me? Am I going to feel included? Will tonight be a waste of time?) have a habit of creeping up every time I’m in a social situation but I tried hard to let them go.

It was my first time at the John Curtin Hotel, which was a short ten minute walk from Melbourne Central station. The upstairs band room was really spacious with a wide stage and a bar down the back. Despite feeling physically and mentally exhausted, I still managed to find the energy to at least break the ice with familiar friends. I’ve learned to embrace and accept my social awkwardness for what it is. And if I’m too quiet for people, who cares? I’m just being myself.

ADVOCATES…Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it in time to see this local Melbourne/New Zealand based melodic hardcore band play due to the reasons above. Make sure you check out their latest single and music video for “Destructive Tendencies” here:…

DEATH IN BLOOM…The last time I checked out this local metalcore band was at the Workers Club supporting Dream on Dreamer. Once again they put on a really solid performance loaded with huge breakdowns, elegant melodic samples and engaging vocals. The band played several tracks including Half Blood, The Fever and Collapse. The boys will be releasing their album “A Means to Disappear” on October 14 so make sure you pre-order it.

PRIDELANDS…It’s been a few months since I last saw this melodic hardcore band play, the last time being at the Laundry Bar. The boys really brought the energy up a few levels and did a nice job engaging with the audience. Vocalist Mason and cleans vocalist/bassist Josh always have some good on stage banter going on and tonight they made several over the top dedications of their sound engineer Lance Prenc. Luke Weber (Earth Caller) filled in on the drum kit tonight as Jordan McDonald is away in America. The band played several tracks from their Natives EP including Destitute, Devil’s Snare and Coffinbound plus their latest single Coalesce.

FOXBLOOD…So tonight was the official album launch and first show for this five piece experimental metalcore band. They managed to pull a really decent crowd in tonight with lots of loyal fans and friends getting up close to the stage. Vocalist Chris was extremely humbled by the support and the positive reviews that their debut album has received so far. I could tell from tonight’s performance that they put in the hard yards during rehearsals to make sure everything was up to par and it really paid off.

Their stage presence was really impressive with guitarists Tom and Brett alongside bassist Steven doing foot stomps, guitar spins and plenty of other dynamic stage moves. I really loved their use of backing vocals during each song. At times, the lyrics were split between lead vocalist Chris and guitarist Tom and at other times, the boys chimed in for dramatic effect. The band played several tracks from the album including Hurricane Hearts and Bloodlines plus their singles Die Young, No Heroes and Swan Song.…

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