WHOOPIE CAT (EP LAUNCH) w/ The Grogans, The Deja Vus & Kurt Gentle @ The Barn Live, September 2016

Admittedly, I wasn’t actually planing on coming tonight but due to the Bring Me The Horizon concert being cancelled due to vocalist Oli Sykes having a throat infection, I decided to come along to this local gig instead. I bumped into a few musicians who recognised me from the last show at The Barn and whilst my social awkwardness was very high, I’m still glad that I made the effort to say hi to them. A big shoutout to the fellas in Five Ace Music for putting on another ripper show and to Daniel Barber for being an entertaining emcee once again.

KURT GENTLE…Kurt is a Melbourne based solo artist who played multiple instruments tonight including an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, tambourine and a bass drum. His proficiency and technical skill in playing chords at a rapid fire rate was really impressive. Musically, he plays a mixture of alternative, roots, ska and blues with strong influences to artists such as John Butler, Jack Johnson and Xavier Rudd. He played several tracks including Sorrento Sun, Seize Your Day and 9-5 Man. https://kurtgentle.bandcamp.com/

THE DEJA VUS…This five piece psychedelic rock band put on a really solid performance tonight. I love the fact that all three guitarists and the bassist contributed to vocals which made for an interesting dynamic. The band managed to fuse several musical genres together including alternative rock, funk, blues and psychedelia with expanses of epic guitar solos and engaging vocals. They played several songs including Break Out, Daydream, The Little Things and a cover of “She’s Long Gone” by The Black Keys. https://www.facebook.com/TheDejaVus…

THE GROGANS…This three piece progressive rock band were really tight and engaging tonight. Guitarist Tom and drummer Ged alternated with their vocal deliveries which made their set really exciting. Sadly the audience didn’t really engage with them that much and having constant feedback and reverb issues wouldn’t have helped matters. Still their musical skills shone through with lots of intense guitar and drum solos throughout their set. https://thegrogans.bandcamp.com/rel…

WHOOPIE CAT…So tonight was Whoopie Cat’s EP Launch and fans came out in droves to support them. The entire venue was practically packed by the time they started their set. It’s only my second time seeing them play and I’m already amazed by their talent for writing songs with lots of feeling and important issues such as corporate greed, government corruption, mental health and love vs. hate.

Musically, there are plenty of references to 60’s psychedelia, progressive rock, groove and funk. Vocalist Dan and back up vocalist/keyboardist Jo really create beautiful harmonies together and did well to connect with the audience in between songs. They played several tracks from the EP including Amy Rose, When She Goes and Sun Don’t Shine. https://whoopiecat.bandcamp.com/

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