TERRESTRIALS w/ Whoopie Cat, Supa Suplex & INH @ The Barn Live, August 2016

The last time I attended a gig at The Barn Live in Bayswater was only back in April this year with my friend Tim Moore (This Life I Live) celebrating his 30th birthday. The goal of tonight was to relaunch the Barn and hopefully run regular gigs there in the future. Tonight was a big social risk in some ways as I usually don’t go to gigs where I know absolutely nobody but I made an exception tonight as I wanted to get behind the venue pulling a decent crowd again.

INH…This experimental alternative pop band put on a really solid performance tonight. Vocalist and keyboardist Paige had a really soulful vocal delivery which sounded similar to female artists such as Katie Noonan and Vanessa Amarosi. Parts of their songs were quite blissed out whilst others had a more erratic thrash metal vibe to them. They played a selection of tracks including Sunday School, Anthem, Upside Down and Love Me. https://www.triplejunearthed.com/ar…

SUPA SUPLEX…This alternative punk rock band really picked up the energy on stage and among the crowd very easily. They were a very entertaining bunch with rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Tim rocking a bright green mohawk wig and saying humourous things in between songs. Vocalist Bert delivered strong passionate lyrics with his Aussie accent flowing through. The band’s songs cover a large range of topics including political corruption, financial hardships, the refugee crisis, anti-racism, anti-domestic violence and dealing with an ex-lover who hates you. https://soundcloud.com/supa-suplex

WHOOPIE CAT…This progressive rock/blues band successfully brought the Barn down with their incredible performance tonight. The audience was really digging their sound with people dancing, moshing and singing along. Vocalist Dan was really quite engaging with his vocal delivery with added backing vocals from keyboardist Jo and guitarist Jesse. Musically, there were elements of ska, indie and pop with really catchy melodies and dynamic riffs. The band played several songs including Amber Rose, Sun Don’t Shine, Taking My Money and As Long As I Can. https://youtu.be/NWnj8-9e638

TERRESTRIALS…Tonight’s headlining band are a melodic alternative rock band. Unfortunately, the lead vocalist was ill and couldn’t perform tonight but they managed to secure a fill in vocalist instead. The band put on a really tight set with spacey sounding melodic touches mixed with explosive guitar riffs and solid drumming. They played a few tracks from their EP In Sands Between, which can be found here: http://www.terrestrialsmusic.com/#!…

A huge shoutout to Daniel Barber from Five Ace Music for running and organising tonight’s event. To Dave for being an awesome sound and stage technician. And to all the band members I met and bumped into tonight.

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