I’ve been supporting this Brisbane-based melodic metalcore band since April this year after seeing them play at STAY GOLD aka the Laundry Bar in Fitzroy. In this short space of time, they have really impressed me with their energetic stage presence and incredible performances. They have had a slow growing momentum thanks to a loyal fan base and the regular use of social media platforms in order to promote their music. They could easily be written off as an overhyped, generic metalcore band but thankfully they do have the talent to live up to it. Here is my track by track review of their debut album Epoch:

1. SEARCHLIGHTS…This opening track is also the first single to be released off the album. It begins with a rollicking drum beat and buzzing guitar riffs. Vocalist Nate has a very ruggered clean vocal delivery with sections of roaring screams. The lyrics are very heartfelt and raw. They’re about dealing with the grief associated with losing a loved one (When will I see you again? I’m searching for you in the dark).

2. BREAK FREE…Beginning with some lulling melodic riffs and solid drum patterns, the track eventually picks up the pace to a really urgent and dynamic chorus. The vocal treatments here shift between dominate screams and regressed echoes. The lyrics are about reaching out and trying to be heard (Do you hear these words calling out to you? Is this my destiny. Can you hear these words they’re screaming out to you? I’m breaking free).

3. ECLIPSE…This track is loaded with heavy breakdowns, pounding drums and tight progressive guitar riffs. It’s a really bouncy track with Nate focusing his vocal range on huge passionate screams. At times his vocals are layered with dense programming which only gives them a more diverse edge.

4. DREAMLESS…This is the latest track to be released from the album as a single. It features guest vocals by Marcus Bridge of Northlane. It’s a really solid track with plenty of tight djent rhythms and powerful vocal deliveries by both Marcus and Nate. Lyrically, this track is about dealing with imperfections and insecurities within ourselves (Days have turned to years. I long to go back to where my dreams become reality. I’m standing at locked doors waiting for the key. Waiting for someone to rescue me).

5. IGNITED YOUTH…Another fast paced track with some grunge elements added into the mix. It has a relentless energy, moving at a furious speed with intense breakdowns and huge screams. Lyrically this song is about the importance of making positive change at a global level (Disconnected from a world lost long ago. This madness needs to end. Disconnect from all the hatred this life holds. Standing here at the end. In a world full of death).

6. 1945…Things become much more soft and mellow on this track with minimalist electronic beats, layered vocals and elegant melodic touches. The wailing gang vocals are really beautiful and work well with Nate’s screams.

7. ESCAPE…Back into explosive metalcore territory here with lightening fast drumming, epic breakdowns and tight melodic riffs. The whole tracks moves at a breakneck pace for the most part. Lyrically this track is about having hope in the face of life’s challenges (Fighting for an escape. To a better place. Where these dreams come true).

8. UNDONE…This is another bouncy track with elements of hard rock and indie amongst really tight metalcore rhythms. Lyrically it’s about seeing through fake people who constantly use deception and lies (At the end of the day your true colours will show. For the world to see. You’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothes).

9. EPOCH…The title track is a minute long instrumental with gorgeous ambient textures and laid back melodic guitar riffs.

10. LEGACY…This track really soars along with lovely cinematic-like ambience and plenty of tight djent rhythms. Lyrically, this is about changing the world for the better and building a brighter future for the next generation (Don’t let this be the legacy we leave behind. How long will we keep walking blind? Don’t let this be the misery we leave behind. A world that’s ruled by dollar signs).

11. SLIPPING AWAY…The final track on the album is a really uplifting song with pounding drum patterns, tight guitar riffs, intense breakdowns and massive screams from vocalist Nate. The song ends with a wonderful children’s choir. Lyrically it’s about finding the light at the end of the tunnel (I was slipping, slipping away. Falling to the ground. You kept me here, you kept me breathing. Forever lost. Never found).

You can download and purchase the album on the following sites below:


JB Hifi:…

Music video for “Searchlights”……

Music video for “Dreamless”……

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