DREAM ON DREAMER w/ The Brave, Stepson, Death in Bloom & The Brilliant Dance @ The Workers Club, July 2016

Tonight’s gig at the Workers Club was sold out just like last week. I decided to catch up with my friend Amy Breedon before the bands started played. I ordered a huge chicken parma and chips. I’m learning not to feel guilty about the food I put in my mouth especially since I’ve been generally really mindful about it all week. I’m allowed to treat myself once in a while. We talked about music, work, exercise, food and weight loss as well as what we’ve been up to during the week.

Inside the band room, I bumped into a few familiar faces including Eliza Muggsy Nguyen, Ashley Shirreff, Chris Záhn, Justine Baddeley and Jordan McDonald. My shyness and social awkwardness got in the way to chat to anyone else including the band members. It was getting so packed that it felt like a sauna and unfortunately the fans weren’t turned on. But I pushed through the discomfort for the sake of seeing the local bands play.

THE BRILLIANT DANCE…I’ve known Michael “Mcoy” Mcleod for over 10 years now and supported him in various bands including Arpejio, Goodbye Armadale and Dream On, Dreamer. After becoming a father, we shied away from the local music scene for several years but now he’s back with this solo acoustic project. His voice is still as stunning as ever, expressing tender emotions through a gentle range of lovely clean vocals.

He played several original songs including Devil on my Shoulder, Mental Illness, This is Life and the single The Tenth. He also played a couple of cover songs including Saosin’s You’re Not Alone and The Early November’s Ever So Sweet. There were a few moments where he nearly slipped up a lyric or chord but he pushed on through with a cheeky grin on his face. https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/t…

DEATH IN BLOOM…The last time I saw this melodic hardcore band from Melbourne was a few months back at BANG! They put on a really solid set tonight with loads of heavy breakdowns and intense screams. Vocalist Logan really commanded the stage alongside backing vocalist and guitarist Russell. The boys played several tracks including Animal Kingdom, Tempest and Escape the Fate. https://deathinbloom.bandcamp.com/

STEPSON…It’s been over a year since I last saw this melodic hardcore/punk band from Brisbane. I was really impressed by their energy on stage with plenty of dynamic stage movements from the guitarists. Vocalist Nick was trying hard to encourage the crowd to participate and sadly only a select handful did get involved.

It was a pretty dry audience overall tonight and I was really disappointed to hear several people nearby slagging them off and putting them down during their performance. This is definitely not cool in my books. I personally enjoyed their set and was glad I got to see them play again. The band played several tracks including Never Mind Me, Leak, Compassion & Growth, Twelve and This Is How It Feels. https://stepsonpunk.bandcamp.com/

THE BRAVE…This was the second time I’ve seen this melodic hardcore band from Brisbane play, the last time being at Stay Gold aka the Laundry Bar. They put on a highly engaging performance with vocalist Nate constantly motivating the crowd to move closer to the stage and get involved. Some people were eventually jumping around and moshing a little as the set progressed. They played a few tracks including Break Free, Wake Me Up, Escape, Searchlights and their new single Dreamless. https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/…

DREAM ON DREAMER…Unfortunately I didn’t get to stick around for one of my favourite post-hardcore bands. Over the years, Dream on Dreamer has really helped me deal with some pretty heavy personal issues. Their lyrics really strike a chord within me especially in songs like Don’t Lose Your Heart and Ambitions. I’ve always felt empowered by them seeing how they’ve overcome their own personal battles in life. It gives me hope and inspiration as well. That I’m not alone in this world and that I am an important person.

You can download their latest album “Songs of Soulitude” via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/s…

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