CONFESSION (LAST 18+ MELBOURNE SHOW) w/ Graves, Earth Caller & Atlantic @ The Evelyn Hotel, January 2016

So last year I spent Christmas down at Rye with my stepdad’s side of the family. Arriving on Christmas Eve in the afternoon, we had a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings. It was very relaxing though with only two days off work, I had to make the most of it. In a way, the novelty behind Christmas has worn off and now I find giving much more important than receiving. Still I was really grateful for all the presents I did receive from a new diary to an adult colouring book plus heaps of choccies, gift cards and even a singing wall mounted reindeer head.

A few days after, I took my parents down to Mornington so that they could see my Deck The Walls exhibition at Oak Hill Gallery before it closed. I also had a look around the latest exhibition at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery called On The Beach. It featured a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs depicting beach imagery often with political messages in-bedded in them. Two famous Australian painters Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd also had some work featured in the exhibition.

On New Years Eve, I decided to have a quiet one this year as I’ve spent the last three attending parties and doing a lot of travelling to get there. I finally ended up seeing the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens (OH SHIT! SPOILER ALERT!).

I’m not that kind of person. However I will say that the film did a great job of hinting and making references to older films especially A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. I really loved seeing how the relationships between the original characters of Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca have changed after 30 years. Sadly the new characters of Rey, Fin and Poe are pretty ho-hum in comparison with corny dialogue and limited backstory.

Kylo Ren however makes for a pretty awesome villain and is very Vader-esque donning a similar mask and black-cladded cape. Unlike Vader, he adds a more human dimension and is riddled with many emotions and inner conflicts. The special effects and battle sequences of course steal the show and are what make the movie. There are a few surprises and plot twists in store for both obsessive fans and casual fans alike but overall it was well worth seeing.

Later I went out for dinner at TGI Fridays ordering the cheese bacon burger with a side of fries. We then just relaxed at home watching the New Years Eve special on ABC including a really hilarious pub quiz and live music segments from the Falls festival featuring artists such as Bloc Party, Megan Washington and Birds of Tokyo. At midnight, I alternated between watching the fireworks on telly and also the ones going off in our street from nearby neighbours.

So tonight’s gig at the Evelyn Hotel was my first for 2016 and it certainly kicked things off in a very positive fashion. I bumped into plenty of mates in the outdoor beer garden as the queue began running around the venue. The turnout was pretty decent especially for an all Australian lineup and it was good to see plenty of people out to support the opening bands as well.

ATLANTIC…It’s been about a month since I last saw these boys play. Once again, they’ve scored a big opportunity tonight coming off the back of supporting Dream on Dreamer last month. They’ve also played at the Evelyn a few times now and I believe tonight was probably their biggest crowd yet. They played several tracks off their Lateral Lines EP including Murder Most Royal, Surrender Dorothy and Temper (featuring guest vocals from Aeden Cooper).

They also played their single Usurper and a new track off their upcoming album called World War Me. Despite the lack of energy in the crowd, the boys still managed to tear it up on stage with vocalist Adam descending from the stage on occasion. Their stage presence is still as tight as ever. Really looking forward to hearing their debut album.…

EARTH CALLER…So ironically I saw this band during my last gig for 2015 and now the first gig on 2016. The boys brought it once again with plenty of attitude and interaction with the crowd. They played a few tracks off their album Degenerate including The Faceless King and Your Enemy. A few mic grabs were had as well as some light moshing in the crowd with vocalist Josh bringing brutal screams and an addictive flow.…

GRAVES…It’s been a few months since I last saw this Sydney based deathcore band play when they supported Chelsea Grin. They’ve been working hard writing an album and they played a few new tracks off it tonight. They also played older tracks Still Alone and 506. With their heavy breakdowns and intense energy, the boys really managed to encourage plenty of moshing and throw downs .The vocal delivery from Rhys was dark and brooding throughout the whole set.

CONFESSION…Say what you want about Crafter (He’s a cunt, a wanker, highly opinionated, loud, outspoken, annoying, loves to stir the pot and create beef with other bands and musicians), you can’t deny the impact he’s had on the Australian hardcore scene. He’s had a long innings as a vocalist playing in bands such as Carpathian, I Killed The Prom Queen and Bury Your Dead as well as Confession. He is also a loving father and businessman.

When his own father recently passed away due to cancer, he made the tough but necessary decision to put his band on hold and cancelled the current tour. And now after 7 years, he is laying this band to rest. After seeing him again tonight, I can tell he hasn’t changed on bit as he cracked plenty of lame dad jokes (my daughter has more followers on instagram than me, your mum’s cooking is probably better than mine) but that’s what I love about him.

The band played a well balanced mixture of old and more recent tracks including Asthma Attack, Horror, Mirrors and Fuck Cancer! The energy from the crowd and band alike was really intense with many opportunities for mic grabs and sing-a-longs. Whilst I haven’t seen this band play in over a year, it still brought back a lot of memories for me and I’m glad that I got to see them play one last time. RIP Confession!…

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