ANBERLIN (LAST AUSTRALIAN SHOW) w/ The Getaway Plan @ 170 RUSSELL, September 2014

The ID

The unorganized part of the personality structure that contains a human’s basic, instinctual drives. It is the source of our bodily needs, wants, desires, and impulses, particularly our sexual and aggressive drives.


The Ego

Acts according to the reality principle; i.e. it seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways that will benefit in the long term rather than bring grief.


The Superego

Reflects the internalization of cultural rules, mainly taught by parents applying their guidance and influence. The super-ego aims for perfection.


Dealing with physical pain is always something I’ve tried to suck up and not reveal to the outside world. I have constant shifts in pain that I can’t really explain, stemming mainly from aches in the joints and gland issues but the pain itself is very subjective. It just comes out of nowhere sometimes. I’ve also been dealing with this annoying nagging cough for just over two weeks. It seems to go away and then returns unwelcomed. Some days I think I’m getting better health wise and then others I wonder if I’ll ever recover at all. Mum’s had to deal with me bitch and complain over this and honestly it’s just misplaced frustration. Unfortunately I was “that guy” once again coughing every 5 minutes on the train and even I was getting tired of it. But I tried to push past it and enjoy my night.


THE GETAWAY PLAN…It’s hard to believe I’ve been supporting this band for about 9 years now, ever since they dropped their demo and their Hold Conversation EP back in 2004/5. I’ve seen this band grow and mature through several lineup changes and shifts in musical style and it’s a really proud thing to witness the development. Tonight they played many fan favourites including Sleep Spindles, The Reckoning, Shadows and Where The City Meets The Sea to close the set. And to think this band nearly broke up back in 2009-2010, they’ve managed to stay strong and become a long lasting local band which is very much a rarity these days. Very keen to hear what they have in store for their third studio album.


ANBERLIN (USA)…I have to confess that I’m not a die hard fan of this band but I have appreciated their music for a long time now. I remember an old friend of mine Luke making the recommendation to listen to them back in 2005 and I was instantly hooked. Tonight we were lucky to have the band play their “Never Take Friendship Personal” album in its entirety as well as enjoy a collection of well known songs from their back catalogue of 12 years. I may not know many of their songs but it was easy enough to sing along to. In reality, I was tightly clustered amongst a packed out floor of complete strangers but I still felt connected especially when we were moshing along.


The highlight was easily when the crowd begun randomly singing Adelaide and then the band decided to play it for real. There was many emotional plateaus filled with joy, many songs upbeat and loaded with energy whilst others were more stripped back and heartfelt. The band also threw in two encores to close the set, clocking the set in at nearly two hours. I honestly felt really special being a part of tonight’s show, finding it difficult to believe that this was one of their last shows ever and yet they nailed it perfectly. You couldn’t have asked for a better show to end it on.

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