SIERRA – Reality Redefined EP REVIEW

I’ve been supporting this local band from Mount Gambier in South Australia for about a year now, first seeing them play at Invasion Fest and being literally blown away by their infectious energy, positive messages and the way they connect with the audience. They popularised the concept of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) through their lyrics as a way to help their fans get through tough times and any mental issues they may be dealing with. Vocalist Brett Kennedy delivers a very unique experience in that he’s not only extremely animated on stage but he also connects with his audience at a ground level. No hierarchy here. We’re all equal. And the band’s stage presence as a whole is incredible.


They recently announced their breakup which is very bittersweet. From listening to this latest EP, it’s very evident that they’ve ended the band on a high note and so creativity they can move in even better directions. It’s a new beginning for them and I have to say I’m extremely proud of all the guys. I was fortunate enough to support them in my hometown of Cranbourne and have become good friends with them. RIP SIERRA! Your contribution and impact on the local music scene will not be forgotten!


1. BITTERSWEET YOUTH…opening with vocalist Brett’s distinctively emotive soprano, dripping with intensity and heart as he screams “we are the young…we are the unquestionable.” The epic drumming and angular guitar riffs builds up a strong musical framework with a brief minimalist reverb section. 


2. SUBURBAN FAME…this is the first single and music video lifted from the EP. It begins in a much more stripped back organic way, allowing the languid guitar riffs and drumming to wash over you and take hold. Brett’s vocals explode with a raw honesty as deeply personal words are emitted.


3. HIDEAWAY REVOLUTION…a stark contrast to the previous track and much more upbeat. With guitar riffs reaching aerodynamic proportions and a roaring passion, Brett screams “Ignorance is bliss when reality is redefined. Blissful ignorance when reality is redefined. It’s redefined, seek out.”


4. MEMOIRS…another musical shift back into more quieter territory, built up with well textured layering, before Brett delivers his emotion driven vocals over well constructed guitar riffs and momentous drumming.


5. THE GREAT CHARADE…opening with crunchy guitar riffs and solid drum patterns, the whole track shifts tempos and emotions several times and closes on a really intense climax. Brett screams “They say practice what you preach, hey hey cause one day they’ll listen” which carries a great deal of suggestive meanings from the political to simply offering advice to a friend.

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