Like most local bands I discover, I stumbled upon this one by happy accident. I knew of Phil Wolfendale from his previous bands Empires Fall and Who Invited The Wolf? and Nick Ross who produced Glorified’s second EP “The Faith Complex”. It took me quite some time before I finally got around to seeing Acrasia play due to all the usual excuses such as work, uni, clashes with other gigs, no money. My first time seeing them play was at NEXT! with Storm The Sky headlining and I remember my friend Bryan being extremely eager for me to meet the entire band. They are a really lovely bunch of people, all with kind hearts.


Sadly, Dale Freiberg left the band in February/March this year and I was fortunately enough to attend his last show with the band at the Workers Club, supporting Hands Like Houses. He has since been replaced by Adrian Schaumann who is just as awesome. I’ve since seen them play around 6-8 times or so and they have only gotten better and more mature musically as a band. Here is my track by track review of their EP:


1. CHAPTER I: REVELATIONS…This opening track was initially released as a lyric video on YouTube back in June last year and has been gaining loads of attention and praise at local shows. Lyrically, there’s a lot of metaphors being used. For example: “Athena, my god, hear me now! I’m reaching out for dreams unknown. Can we find the reason why we are in this world of trials?” Dealing with the uncertainties that life brings certainly can be challenging. This is such a powerful song both lyrically and musically, bringing an electrifying and enchanting energy. Phil’s vocals are immediately engaging right from the start, singing with passion and honesty with his heart of his sleeve.


2. CHAPTER II: THE PARADIGM SHIFT…This track really showcases how dynamically this band can shift around musically with a piano sample gently blending into minimalist electronic flourishes and exploding into a highly catchy chorus with tightly produced guitar riffs and drum patterns. All this in less than 3 minutes.


3. CHAPTER III: RETALIATION…This track begins in a very sparse, minimalist fashion, slowly building up it’s quirky electronic trajectory during the first minute before Phil screams under layers of programming. It comes across as an interlude, bridging seamlessly across to the next song.


4. CHAPTER IV: PERSEVERANCE…This is the band’s latest single from the EP and their first ever music video. It features both Daniel Breen and Will Jarratt from Storm The Sky on guest vocals. “I question myself again.” Daniel screams to open the track, exploding into a foray of well structured guitar riffs and melodics. Will provides some lovely clean vocals towards the end of the track which beautifully offsets against both Phil and Daniel’s vocals. As the title suggests, lyrically the song deals with getting through tough situations and being able to call upon your friends for support in times of need.


5. CHAPTER V: RETURN TO ITHICA…A much more upbeat song right from the start with spacey electronic layers giving way to Phil’s urgent vocal delivery and creating a musical narrative of sorts. The track shifts between being laidback and compelling with its chorus.


6. CHAPTER VI: SLAYING OF THE SUITORS…This second single was originally released on YouTube as an acoustic version back in September last year. The EP presents a slightly different version here but the main framework of the song remains. With sweeping ethereal layers and tight drum patterns, this is probably the best produced song on the whole EP and has also been a crowd favourite at local shows with many friends singing along with Phil.


7. CHAPTER VII: EPILOGUE…This closing track has also been performed at local shows with Phil getting close and intimate with the crowd and half speaking/half screaming the lyrics with a abstracted electronic backdrop. The band ends the EP on an epic high with plenty of passion and intensity.

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