HANDS LIKE HOUSES w/ Wonders & Amaranthine @ BANG! June 2014

Eddie: This question is for one million dollars. Are you ready Michael?

Me: Ready as I’ll ever be! *cue dramatic music and mood lighting*

Eddie: A Spearman correlation is used to determine a what? A: Linear relationship B: curvilinear relationship C: monotonic relationship or D: Quadratic relationship.

Me: Hmm well I know for sure that a Pearson correlation is linear so maybe curvilinear. Or is it monotonic? Urgh I don’t know!

Eddie: You have 2 seconds!

Me: Lock in B Eddie!

Eddie: I’m afraid the correct answer was C!


Yes my Research Design and Analysis exam felt like an episode of Millionaire Hot Seat with 100 questions loaded in and me at times struggling to boil down between two answers. Thankfully most of the questions weren’t quite as tricky as the above but I still had to concentrate and be switched on when it came to the wording of the alternate answers. Still I left feeling confident that I did enough to smash the exam and with the fact that this exam was a hurdle looming over my head (meaning that I need to achieve at least 50% on this exam to pass the unit), I was determined not to fail.


The Neuroscience exam on the other hand was far from stressful as it was only worth 25% and I had already done enough to pass the unit so any marks I accrued on here would be a bonus. And knowing my co-ordinator Ramesh, half the practice questions were indeed exactly the same as the exam questions. So he basically rewards his students who actually bother to do all the preparation and it basically boiled down to a memory test of which I did reasonably well.


Queuing up at BANG!, I ended up hanging with the Glorified boys plus Ben Connelly, James Koufus and a random French photographer. It’s moments like these where I draw comparisons to the character of Dobby from the Harry Potter series, which his childlike tendencies and his optimistic perspective on life and the quality of the friendships he kept. His last dying words “What a beautiful place… to be with friends” ring true with me as I would to die the same way as Dobby. Not in the way he died but dying happy and with no regrets.


I mingled a fair bit tonight and as much as my introversion and lack of contribution was threatening to shift my mood, I didn’t allow it. I was also trying to focus on positive self talk such as the fact that if people blow me off or don’t seem eager to engage in conversation with me, I shouldn’t take it personally. To be surrounded by the company of good friends is something to be recognised and cherished. Who cares if I don’t have a lot to say? My life in a nutshell: work, gigs and exams.


AMARANTHINE…rocking some basketball jerseys, this is the first time the post-hardcore outfit from Adelaide has played in Melbourne and a lot of friends were there to support them. The stage presence was really stellar with punk jumps and guitar spins galore, electronic samples and breakdowns. Chris from Glorified also dropped some guest vocals on the track Projections. I enjoyed their set immensely.


WONDERS…Geelong based melodic hardcore band. Apparently this was vocalist Fraser’s last show with the band and here I am only just discovering them. No matter. I can tell there was a lot of love for this band just from seeing the intimacy between the band and the surrounding crowd, getting up close and personal. A really tight high energy set.


Sadly I didn’t get a chance to see HANDS LIKE HOUSES but I saw them back in February at the Worker’s Club and they absolutely killed it. On my way back to Southern Cross station, I bumped into my friends Jess, Julian and Aiden who were about to queue up. And finally I’d like to make a shout out to my friend John Glover who is celebrating his 19th birthday tonight/this morning. Sorry I wasn’t able to hang out with you tonight but I hope you have the best time at BANG! Thank you for being an awesome friend over the past year or so, hanging out with me at gigs and always making me laugh.

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