BETRAYING THE MARTYRS (USA) w/ I, Valiance, Save The Clocktower & The Despot @ BANG! June 2014


An act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed.


Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love.


I’ve been a misunderstood person most of my life. Friends sweep in and out of my life like a constantly changing tide as I struggle to cling onto them and hold them close. I’ve often misread vibes and signals when it comes to certain people and at times mistake them as having a strong dislike in me. Sometimes the opposite is true but more often than not, I go out there and take a risk, take a chance. If somebody truly hates me, then I’ll certainly know about it. The concept of fake friends has placed me in some hazy territory under varying shades of grey as I systematically have to decipher who is really there for me and who is laughing behind my back. But thankfully in recent months several friends have gradually warmed up to me and realised that hey I’m not the bad person they thought I was. Separating the truth from the bullshit, I am generally a really friendly, polite, shy, introverted and kind-hearted person. The act of redemption, of proving oneself, has been something that’s very important to me as I’ve had to own many flaws and mistakes. Life is a never ending learning process and I’m trying harder to correct myself and be the best person I can be.


Staring at the display and in particular the number 6 frozen in time, my heart palpitating as I prey that this train will actually run and not get cancelled. I was heading into the city to celebrate my good friend Lachlan Monty’s birthday at the Asian Beer Cafe. With birthday card securely in hand, I started scanning the venue and quickly realised that this was not going to be easy. I ended up bumping into Ian, Emma, Maddi and a couple of others in the back corner of the outdoor beer garden before beginning to search for Lachlan again. I did run into a friend of my friends including Jordan, Jamie, Kyle, Andre and Jake before discovering that he was running late. It was pretty packed tonight and so I decided to stick tight with my friends despite my bladder screaming at me. I’m so glad I managed to see Lachlan if only briefly. I meant every single word I wrote down in that card. I put a lot of heart and effort into my writings and expression of how much my friends mean to me.


I rushed back down the escalators to Melbourne Central station and got off at Southern Cross hoping like hell that I didn’t miss too much of The Despot’s set. I needn’t have worried. Tonight was really disappointing in the sense that the sound guys at BANG! had absolutely no idea what they were doing and hence delayed the opening of the main floor until around 10.15pm. The only redeeming factor was that I got to hang out with heaps of friends in the beer garden including Mark, Flynn, Ian, Ryan, Ash, Drue and a few others. I was trying hard to focus on these social interactions but sadly the reality was that time was depreciating away at a rapid rate and I was going to miss half the show.


THE DESPOT…are you guys really? Umm YES! They have been ready since 9.15pm when the show was supposed to start, just saying. An hour and a half later, they finally started and it was worth the wait. This metal band from Geelong were brutal as fuck and got the mosh happening really quickly. Mark Poida and Ian Erasmus both dropped some guesties on the closing track and it really went off. Very impressed with this band.


SAVE THE CLOCKTOWER…after a painful half hour sound check, I managed to catch a couple of songs from the start of the set. The guys were understandably pissed off that things weren’t happening and the equipment was fucking up. But I have to say I really respect the guys so much for still going on with the show regardless and honouring the fans in that sense. I did feel bad for them and it’s a shame that sound check didn’t go as smoothly as it should have tonight but at the same time I’m glad I got to see them again and catch up with the guys. I also didn’t get a chance to see either I, VALIANCE or BETRAYING THE MARTYRS as I had to bounce and catch the last train home and it would have been different if the show actually ran if marginally close to on time but shit happens. I still managed to scavenge enough positives from tonight and that’s the main thing really.

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