IN HEARTS WAKE w/ Dream on Dreamer, Being as an Ocean, Endless Heights & Sierra @ Arrow on Swanston, June 2014

Social Experiment

A social experiment is an experiment with human subjects, which typically investigates effects on groups of persons. As an experiment, a social experiment evaluates effects of treatments, such as changes in a program or policy.


My good friend Justin Elswick (Sleepthief) said it best in a status he posted this morning: “You can always gauge the quality of friendship by how much effort people make to interact or communicate once you stop making all the effort.” I’ve often wondered about the possibility of faking my death or even a suicide attempt and how this would affect my family and friends post the event. After heavy consideration, the pain and psychological damage it would cause the people I love far outweighs the possibility of considering going through with either act. But I’ve also ran social experiments of my own on a subconscious level purely my expressing my feelings and putting myself out there more. How much do people really care about me? Will it take me being sick or me being on my death bed to finally sort out this dilemma? The more I remain silent, the more I become more unnoticed and so over the years I’ve felt compelled to reveal myself more and more. Beneath the surface, there are more things unsaid than what actually escapes my lips.


Walking up Swanston Street, I immediately began scanning the area around Arrow on Swanston for friends. I bumped into Sam, Pat, Ash, Tom, Ian, Jake, Jackson and Taylor. The queue literally went around the block but that was to be expected considering this was a sold out show even with extra tickets being released. There was somewhere around 400-500 people there. A huge show out to Ash Hull for organising the show and always looking out for the payers coming to his shows. I ended up hanging mostly with my friends Zac and Shaun for most of the gig but also mingled with many friends in between bands.


SIERRA…amazingly I managed to catch the second half of these guys set, I was genuinely worried I would miss them despite getting to the venue around 4.45pm. These boys are fucking killing it right now. Vocalist Brett made his signature move of getting amongst the crowd in a group huddle mic grab. The moshing was pretty intense early on too. 


ENDLESS HEIGHTS…my friend time checking out this Sydney delivering a mixture of pop-punk and melodic hardcore rhythms. They were pretty tight tonight and the crowd responded well to their performance.


BEING AS AN OCEAN (USA)…were fucking insane! So much intensity, passion and heart from this band. You could tell they were genuinely humbled to be there. The crowd movement was really gaining momentum with plenty of people throwing down in the pit and crowd surfing. Party mode was activated. Vocalist Joel even climbed up from the speakers onto the ledge towards the end of the set. Really glad I had the chance to see them play!


DREAM ON DREAMER…I fucking love these guys so much. I’ve been supporting this band since 2009 and they are still going strong. As soon as Marcel screamed “I’ve got the world in front of me.”, the entire venue exploded. The crowd was really getting wild and loved every minute of it. The new single sounded pretty decent too. Very much looking forward to their new album!


IN HEARTS WAKE…my last time seeing this band play was last year when they supported The Amity Affliction. Since then I’ve found a new respect and appreciation for them. After listening to Earthwalker and listening to vocalist Jake offer words of such love and inspiration, it’s no wonder why they have an ever growing fan base. Tonight’s performance was the best I’ve ever seen them play. The crowd were jumping and crowd surfing along and the whole venue become a giant sweat pit. The highlight for me was dedicating the song Wildflower to a 19 year old girl who tragically lost her life to cancer and people in the crowd were piggy-backing each other. It was a beautiful moment. I pretty much predicted that the last song was going to be Divine but it truly was a fitting way to end it.


I spent some time after the show catching up with my good friend Phil Wolfendale and meeting his lovely girlfriend Alannah. I’m not going to lie but he is one of the most caring, kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. He’s always looked out for me and I truly appreciate it. He’s a pleasure to be around and always makes me laugh and smile. I also bumped into Warrick, Drue and Freddy before leaving to head home. Yes I was planning on going to PLASTIC but a) I’m broke b) it’s going to be more packed than tonight’s gig at Arrow c) the set times are really late d) I have to study for my Psychology exam tomorrow. It’s a shame because there was quite a few bands I would have loved to have seen including Hands of Hope, Belle Haven, Glorified, Twelve Foot Ninja and Kisschasy but I left tonight on a high and that’s all that matters. “Life’s too short and I want to focus on the people who have my back.”

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