BELLE HAVEN w/ I, Valiance, This Fiasco!, Exposures, Avalerion & Only I @ Phoenix Youth Centre, July 2013

Breaking the ice is actually relatively easy. Whenever you see an opportunity to speak to somebody you know, you take the chance and say hello. Even if that person doesn’t recognise you, the worst that can happen is being ignored or an awkward “Hey, who are you?”. Going to gigs continually pushes me out of my social comfort zone and it makes it a lot easier when you actually recognise people there.


This morning, I decided to take mum out to the Hollywood Costumes exhibition at the ACMI centre in the city. The thing I was most impressed about this collection was the broad range of eras it covered from the classic golden age to the modern times. The amount of work and detail that goes into creating these pieces is just staggering. I was blown away by some of them and also reading about how costumes can define an actor’s character was really interesting. We then decided to have some lunch at Clocks at Flinders Street before I headed off to my gig in Footscray.


At Middle Footscray station, a few of the Avalerion boys plus Ethan noticed me wandering behind them and I walked up to the venue with them. I was wonderful seeing so many faces I hadn’t seen in quite some time as well as meeting a few new people I’ve only known through Facebook. I felt like a social butterfly flying through the venue, contemplating who to talk to next. It makes me happy that so many people know me on the scene now. Not even the few people who show a dislike in me could disrupt my feelings today. I took my friends advice for once and decided to ignore them completely. Considering 98% of the room either love me, like me or don’t even know me and an inferior 2% don’t, the minority of people who hate me pales into insignificance and I was not going to engage in any drama or confrontations today.


ONLY I…okay, so I may have been a little harsh with this band when I saw them play at Lilydale and I apologise if I did indeed upset any members of the band. But I have to say that this was an improvement today and they started to grow on me today. Michael Higgins stepped up a lot today, not only for this band but for quite a few others in the lineup and his jokes were hilarious.


AVALERION nailed it as per usual. I just love their crazy energy every time they hit the stage. They really are lovely guys and it’s sad to hear that Dan will be leaving the band soon. He’ll be sadly missed!


EXPOSURES I’ve only ever seen play once at a DAL gig (I can’t remember which one, possibly BANG!) and they were really impressive today as well. Very tight band!


THIS FIASCO! were amazing once again. These guys can’t put a foot wrong and I’m still reeling from their performance in my hometown last night.


I, VALIANCE were insane! They really got the crowd moving a lot. I have so much respect for Mark both as a vocalist and as a person. He’s so positive and stands up for what he believes in. They are hands down one of the best local bands in Melbourne at the moment and I am really keen for their album release!


BELLE HAVEN…I have no words. They put on one of the best shows I’ve seen from them for ages. It was very much worth the wait and taking the day off work to come support these guys. I have been supporting this band for about 2-3 years, but more consistently in the past 12 months. They are some of the nicest and most talented and hardworking people I’ve ever met. I have no doubts at all that their new album will be extremely impressive and even, dare I say it, topple their Onus EP! It was really lovely to see Mitch and Ramon playing with the band again for a song or two. I hope you guys have the best time in America recording your debut album! WE ARE A FAMILY!

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