THIS FIASCO! w/ Uncharted Waters, The Evercold, Heathercross, Eight Days of Autumn + more @ Cranbourne Public Hall, July 2013

I’m never the one directly in the spotlight, I’m always the one lurking in the shadows who only emerges when the time is right. This is pretty much an accurate description of me when it comes to my social interactions. Today consisted of printing out Chemistry lecture notes for next week, chilling out to tunes, going for a walk, having a coffee date with mum and getting some personal issues resolved. I have the tendency to overthink comments written about me and then get myself easily upset over them. They say it gets easier over time but sometimes it doesn’t. Still, I dwell in the optimistic as well as the realistic and focus on the positive things I have in my life. I really do have to keep things in perspective more and not let comments and statuses people write get to me.


It brings me a great amount of joy to see that the local music scene is very much still alive in Cranbourne and not only that, we’re bringing down some quality local bands for headliners. I was great to finally meet a few people I’ve only talked to via Facebook such as Jye from Eight Days of Autumn and some more familiar faces like Krys from I Valiance and of course the This Fiasco boys (and girl, yes I haven’t forgotten you Nicole!). The hall was only half full but it didn’t matter to much to me. I spent most of the gig being a hermit but I did float around socially on occasion.


EVER REST opened and delivered another tight set. I saw them play at Musicland and I was mighty impressed with their engaging energy and the way they got the crowd moving.


EIGHT DAYS OF AUTUMN were amazing. I’ve seen them play a couple of times now and it’s encouraging to see Pop-Punk bands like these still on the scene because it’s sorely missed by me at least.


MARY WASHINGTON were relatively decent but I quickly lost interest in them.


HEATHERCROSS put on yet another energy charged set, really getting the crowd moving early. It was just as intense as their first performance at Heat 1 and naturally I decided to give them my vote for tonight. They’re a great band.


THE EVERCOLD were incredible as always. I’ve also seen these guys play a few times. They are easily one of the most inspiration bands on the local scene at the moment with Chris expressing messages of love and leading a positive life without any religious affiliation. They make me happy everytime I see them play and tonight was no exception at all.


UNCHARTED WATERS were really impressive just like their performance at Heat 2 a couple of weeks back. These guys are definitely going to make an impact after tonight.


THIS FIASCO! I could not be happier or prouder that these guys played in my hometown tonight. It is about time we pulled bands like this to our neck of the woods. Despite the crowd reducing by half, the energy from the crowd was just as crazy and intense. I love these guys so fucking much!

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