DREAM ON DREAMER w/ Breaking Tradition & Void of Vision @ NEXT! July 2013

Trees are very special to me. If you haven’t gathered already, I have an obsession with them. It doesn’t take much to appreciate the aesthetic beauty found within them. They are an artform just by existing. I feel like I have some connection to them and nature itself. They give us the oxygen we inhale. Whenever I’m around them, I feel more at peace and more centered within myself. They are the centerpiece of my photographic subject matter with other features of the landscape and cloudscapes coming a close second.


Being in my own company as I usually am, I spent the day drawing, watching tv shows like The Mole and Offspring, doing laundry, chatting on Facebook and keeping myself rugged up. One thing that really caught my attention was the Kimmi Smiles music video for her cover of Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop. Not only did she nail the song and easily improve on Miley’s crass and materialistic original but the video itself featured quite a few of my friends from the local music scene. I was in mild paralysis when I saw Steven and David kissing toward the end. Crazy but hats off to them. It makes me feel so proud that more and more people are becoming gay friendly and that it is slowly becoming normalised in Australian society. It has taken far too long but finally the steps are being made in the right direction! (Steps off soapbox)


It’s not very often that I see at lineup at NEXT! where not only do I recognise all of the bands playing but I love them all. I made the decision early on to say “Breaking Tradition” at the door only because I felt bad that I didn’t say it at the Narre Warren BOTB gig and they really deserve my support. I bumped into Ash Hull and Michael Higgins outside of the venue and hungout with them for a few minutes before heading inside. After saying hello to Josh, Tanya and Jack, I spent some time chilling with Nick from Breaking Tradition. He truly is one of the nicest guys and I’ve only met him a couple of times.


After grabbing a couple of beers, I noticed someone at the merch table…it was Marcel Gadacz. I nearly died. I’ve been wanting to meet this man for 7 long years after I started supporting Dream on Dreamer when they first launched their Hope EP. Initially, my shyness and nerves were holding me back but then I said to myself…”Come on Michael, you can fucking do this!” And so I approached him. I honestly had no idea what to say but I did mention that I was studying science and that I knew Mcoy pretty well. It was kind of awkward but I have no regrets. It was my big fangirl moment fulfilled and now I can die a very happy man.


VOID OF VISION were impressive as usual. Considering how small the crowd was, Jack still managed to get lots of people moving very early on and it got fairly intense a couple of times.


BREAKING TRADITION were also amazing. Sadly, only a few people were moving now and then but it was better than nothing. They delivered yet another tight set and they grow on me each time I see them.


DREAM ON DREAMER…what else can I say really? At this point, the entire floor in front of me was packed and it really went off. Moshing, jumping, crowd surfing…it was just like their album launch gig but better.


The timing was really perfect as I managed to make the last train back home with ample time to spare. I can easily say that this was one of the better nights at NEXT! I’ve been to in quite some time. For once I didn’t feel like an emotional Cinderella making her getaway before midnight but a very happy and satisfied one!

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