THIS FIASCO! w/ Death at 6, Your World In Ruins, Adjusting To Light, Swim Through Seasons & Fight the Avalanche @ Musicland

I used to be obsessed with Dr. Phil when I was younger but now after watching about half an hour of an episode upon waking up, I realise how phony and scripted most of the shows are. They just love overdramatising the stories and finding guests with a “poor me” attitude. Plus the episodes get repetitive and the “drama” is very hard to take seriously. But still there was nothing better to watch at the time of the morning. I decided to knock over another drawing, this time collaging a variety of organs together in an abstract way and made use of stark black and white contrasting elements with the use of positive/negative space. It’s funny when things you’ve learned since high school are still apart of your DNA like design principles.


After going for a brisk walk to Woolies and back (the weather was gorgeous but relatively gusty), I jumped on the train to Musicland again. It was like deja vu until I got onto the Upfield train. The train driver was one of a kind, making the trip more personalised by saying something along the lines of “G’day folks, welcome aboard this service to Upfield. I hope you have a lovely Friday night.” It’s very much a rarity for a driver to speak in such an uplifting way without being forced to. Most of the time, the only announcement you’d hear from a train driver is to get dickheads holding the doors open to fuck off and that we’ve been delayed in a usually unsympathetic tone.


Naturally, I arrived at the venue way too early but still chilled out inside the small Backstage section of Musicland. I finally got to meet a few people tonight like Lewis from Your World in Ruins and Sam, Damien, Damon and Keenan from Swim Through Seasons. Very friendly bunch of guys. Troy from This Fiasco was up to his usual comedic antics. He’s so hilarious and even if I was in the most depressed mood, he’d still be able to make me smile. He’s fucking hilarious. The same goes for Lewis. I feel blessed to be able to call these people friends of mine.


FIGHT THE AVALANCHE opened after a very lengthy delay (Musicland’s technical issues strike again with no door person and the sound guy running late) but were still very entertaining and delivered a pretty tight set.


SWIM THROUGH SEASONS were really impressive as usual with their surfy-sounding melodic hardcore.


ADJUSTING TO LIGHT were amazing with Brandon delivering really brutal vocals and occasionally getting distracted by Troy and Lewis making hilarious gestures in the crowd (ohh you boys!).


YOUR WORLD IN RUINS really killed it tonight. Last couple of gigs these guys have really won me over. Their blend of melodic metalcore with cathedral-esque samples is really incredible to hear.


DEATH BY 6 released their EP tonight and it was refreshing to hear a more traditional metal band ripping up the stage. I was blown away by these guys, despite not listening to much metal but these guys sounded really tight and even got the crowd engaged (well, what was left of it!).


THIS FIASCO! were amazing as always. Sadly, I only stuck around until the end of Achromatize as I didn’t want to miss my last train home.


On the train back towards the city, a group of young kids were mucking around in the carriage behind me. I was minding my own business when suddenly one of them decided to throw a bottle of coke on me. I decided not to react as I didn’t want to start any drama or antagonise them. Thankfully they left me alone after that but still it was a very cunty thing to do to me. It just goes to show you that there are some truly scummy people out there. However, I didn’t let this moment ruin my night and I really did enjoy myself as this lineup was a very tight one.


I’ve become a very prominent force on the local scene now, a force to be reckoned with. My levels of dedication have increased dramatically over the past 12 months or so and I have no regrets about being more involved with it. In fact, it’s given me more meaning and purpose to my life. The biggest noticeable difference between the scene now and how it was in the past is that bandmates are becoming more collaborative, helping each other set up, doing mic-grabs and just being there for each other in a supportive way. I guess it’s those positives that motivate me to keep coming back to gigs and supporting the bands I love.

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