BREAKING TRADITION w/ To The Airship, Ever Rest, Void of Vision + more @ Musicland, July 2013

Yoga is something I take very seriously, despite not being the greatest at it after practicing it for about 4 years now. This morning was my second class after a three month forced hiatus due to my uni workload getting really intense. With my legs inverted up the wall, I was praying that I would not be doing this class alone with Keren. I’ve only ever had one experience where that happened and believe me it was painful. I felt beyond self-conscious about my poses and just incredibly shy and awkward. Thankfully, a young couple decided to sign up for their first classes today. The big misconception is that yoga is easy and this is far from the truth. There is so much technicality involved with the position of your body and also having adequate body strength to hold various poses. But the positives are well worth it and you also learn about yourself and even some spirituality and relaxation.


I spent the rest of the day finishing a new drawing, this time focusing on a pair of lungs drawn in an abstract way with surrounding air bubbles. I also caught up on the latest episodes of Offspring and The Mole before heading to the train station. In typical Melbourne fashion, the weather fluctuated greatly today going from warm gusty winds to a heavy downpour and a thunderstorm. Thankfully, about half an hour into my train ride, it cleared up remarkably quickly and I witnessed one of the most gorgeous sunsets with blazing shades of red and orange spreading across the train carriage. By sheer luck, I managed to make the next Upfield train literally seconds before it departed.


Because of the weather, I knew that tonight’s gig wasn’t going to pull a massive crowd but it didn’t even bother me. To my surprise, what I thought would be one of the more boring social excursions was actually the opposite tonight. I had more of a chance to hangout with both Jack from Void of Vision and Josh from Breaking Tradition. Jack is so lovely and down to earth, he always seems to be friendly. Likewise, Josh holds the same qualities and he even bought me a couple of beers just because he could. It was very unexpected but I was really grateful for the gesture. That is the sign of a really good friend especially since we only just met recently.


I got introduced to a few of the band mates and his friends including Chris, the band manager and Josh’s girlfriend Tanya. It’s actually gratifying that I’m getting more and more recognised on the local scene now, that people can put a face to a name.


GLADSTONE opened the set with their blend of Alternative punk rock. Their songs were really catchy and I thought the band was pretty decent.


VOID OF VISION were incredible. I’ve only seen them a couple of times now but they really blow me away with their energy and tightness of their set.


EVER REST delivered a really fast-paced, high-energy and crazy set. It’s the first time I’ve seen them and they were great. I even complimented Adrian on his performance after their set, it was so good.


REEDS OF THE TEMPTRESS delivered a really interesting blend of death metal and melodic hardcore. I loved their use of electronic samples and the urgency of the songs. Their set felt kind of rushed but only because of technical difficulties and their set running behind schedule but I really enjoyed them.


TO THE AIRSHIP released their EP tonight. They’re also a melodic hardcore act and delivered a fairly tight set as well.


BREAKING TRADITION were amazing as usual. Sadly, I could only stick around for a couple of songs as I had to rush off to make my last train but I’m happy I was there to support them. I’ll be sure to make good use of the free stickers and demo CD!


Heading home, my 2 year old myki card would have to be playing up as the readers weren’t detecting it. Luckily, I had a backup myki on me and some cash. And as if fate was intervening, three PSO officers came into my carriage and I managed to avoid a fine…just! Gotta love “reliable” technology eh!

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