Glorified! / Belle Haven / Asperity Within – TRIPTYCH SPLIT CD REVIEW

Weeks of growing anticipation have lead to this very moment. I was extremely pleased when these three bands announced that they would be working together on this joint EP release as I love and support each of them. From all the studio update videos and samples of tracks dropped each week, I knew that this would be an epic release and it is. I can tell how much effort was put into each track and it’s very clear that all of these bands have matured their sound and are breaking new boundaries set only by themselves. So without further ado, onto the review:


1. Asperity Within – Mutatio…opening with melodic guitar riffs before launching into more heavier territory, Adam Killeen’s two distinctive vocal styles are on full display here. A fairly strong track to begin the EP with but the best is yet to come!


2. Asperity Within – Atrophy…another very melodic beginning with buzzing guitar riffs before a barrage of fast heavy guitar work and brutal screams intersect with beautiful slower melody sections. There’s a delicate balance between the brutal riffs and the more melodic ones. Structurally this track is much stronger than the first and it seems to flow better too!


3. Belle Haven – Spite Conception…with an opening beat like a ticking clock (a reference to the artwork used on their crew neck and singlets), the guitar riffs blast the doors open along with David Vernon’s vocals which oscillate between throaty screams and beautifully sung cleans. Structurally this sounds very different to anything on the Onus EP and yet their signature remains. There’s a rawness to the production now which I really love!


4. Belle Haven – Inferiority Complex…very similar opening to the first BH track but the groovy guitar riff sets it apart. This track actually feels more organic and flowing with cathedral-esque melodic keyboard flourishes, fast paced guitar riffs and more urgent clean vocals from David. The ticking clock sample has a greater presence this time, cutting in and out of the track several times. It’s also the catchiest track on the EP, releasing a crazy energy as only Belle Haven can do!


5. Glorified! – The Onset…the boys actually started playing this track during the sets late last year. Two and a half minutes of intense melodic metalcore with Miles’ deep brutal vocals carrying the entire song on top of faced paced drumming and heavy guitar riffs. Pure brilliance! This band never fails to impress me and I can see they have built on their sound with less concentration on samples.


6. Glorified! – Lost Mind…the boys have just started to include this track in their sets and two words pretty much sum up this song. THOSE RIFFS! Structurally this is the best song they’ve released to date. Intense and urgent from the word go and a welcome inclusion of a minute long outro featuring a manifesto of melodic electronic beats. The boys have really outdone themselves with this track and I’m really so proud of them all 🙂


I have to say that supporting the above bands has not only helped in benefiting the local music scene but has also helped me personally. It has really opened many new doors including expanding my tastes in music and continually forming new friendships as well as developing existing ones. I truly love each of the members like brothers, quite a few of them make me feel happier about life and make me feel more inspired. They are the reason why the scene in Melbourne in thriving and ever improving, giving people better alternatives of music to listen to. If this EP is any indication, I can see that these bands are gonna release some cracking records in the near future! And now I’ll jump off my soap box…I hope you enjoyed my review!

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